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Chapter 4

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SOSC 1730

The City in History Reading GuideChapter 4The Nature of the Ancient City1 Did the basic physical form of the early city predate the institution of kingshipDid the ideal form of the early city change significantly after the institutions of king and priest were establishedExplain what Mumford says about this issue2 What does Mumford say that the early city was used forhint it was an instrument for 3 How was the hierarchical social structure of the early city reflected in the nature of all of its institutions4 Mumford makes a distinction between common human functions and special urban functions in the early cityWhat is the difference between the two sets of functionsElaborate on the nature and importance of special urban functions5 Mumford states that many citizens of the early city were not born in the city in which they resided that they came from somewhere elseIn other words people sought out the early city to live inWhat is the significance of this statement 6 Mumford cites Arnold J Toyn
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