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Thinking About Gender

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Social Science
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SOSC 1920
Elizabeth Brule

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Sept 18 - Thinking about Gender Readings: Introduction: The Gender Society Reader xi-xv;Anatomy and Destiny: BiologicalArguments about Gender Difference pp. 1-2 [Reader]. [1] • People believe biological sex decides our gendered experiences • Biologists rely on three different types of evidence: 1. Evolutionists believe that sex differences derive from our different reproductive anatomies, which then lead to different behaviour (to do with the success in reproduction) • Females produce one egg so they must be picky when picking a mate, in the hopes that they have the best genetic material to fertilize their one egg. • Males can be promiscuous as they have no shortage of sperm or reproductive windows 2. Brain focus and brain chemistry. • Males and females rely on different halves of their brain or use the two halves differently or are differently connected 3. Hormonal differences • Testosterone causes aggression; thus males more aggressive • To social science this biological evidence shows us more about our own cultural need to find the differences than about the differences themselves. Tutorial • sex & gender are binary which means they're opposite • gender: all the sociocultural meanings and expectations that we attach to the sexed body, as a way to understand masculinity and femininity in our society • sex locates biology, our anatomical assignment • gender and sexed body is a fluid category • different interpretations for everyone (not a fixed/stable concept) • gender is not natural • gender is a social construct • always changing, always shifting • male & females are similar: we’re all human, we can all shape our sexes, we all feel emotion ( capable of nurturing ) sex gender (nature) (nurture) biology male & female genitalia / anatomy sexual orientation boy or girl Lecture • sex vs gender • author of men are from mars, women are from venus---two sexes are two completely different species • social differences have a biological root • primary and secondary sex characteristics (based on biology) • different genitalia • hair & muscle • different brain structure • justify the difference of power • inequality and male domination SEX GENDER biological
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