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Social Science
SOSC 1920
Elizabeth Brule

12 Gendering Work Readings: JoanA. Evans, “Cautious Caregivers: Gender Stereotypes and the Sexualization of Men Nurses’Touch,” pp. 248-255 [Reader]; • P248 - introduction • Caring for and about others is historically associated with women and nursing • Men are now becoming nurses and challenging the stereotype that men are inappropriate in the caregiver role or incapable of pricing compassionate and sensitive care • Nursing literature suggests that the desire to be of help and care for others is major reason men chose nursing as a career • In the profession prevailing fender stereotypes of men as sexual aggressors and men nurses as gay, negatively influence the ability of men nurses to develop comfortable and trusting relationships with their patients • The sexualization of men nurses touch provides insight into how gender stereotypes create discomfort and suspicion on the part of patients, impacting men nurses perception of their own safety while performing intimate and caregiving tasks • Preventing male nurses from completing their job • P.249 - the study • The overall aim of this research was to explore the experience of men nurses and the gendered and sexed relations that structure different experiences for women and men in the same profession
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