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Social Science
SOSC 1920
Elizabeth Brule

19Fighting Back Read Candis Steenbergen Feminism and Young Women Still Alive and Kicking pp 340346P340 Feminism does notspeak with one voice Feminists have always expressed their desire for social political economic and cultural change in a variety of milieus feminist activity as always assumed a wide range of forms from militant political activism to silent volunteerism to academic research and writing to the creation of works of art to so much more Feminist historians acknowledge that the womens movement in canada has always had a diverse complex and shifting reality and agree that feminists have never followed a unified political ideology While all feminisms share certain characteristics significant differences in political strategy in vision in attitudes towards men in understanding the roots of womens oppression and in setting priorities also typify the canadian womens movement ideology Feminism itself has evolved over time as the intricacies of womens positions in society have changed 1980s many of the battles fought by the mainstream womens movement concentrated on institutional policy and political change Over the course of the last few years the feminist movement has devoted itself primarily to fighting to maintain what women have gained in a climate of political conservatism of finical austerity and of affirmation of a neo conservative right wing P341 Over the last 30 years feminism has grown terrified of reorganizing differences among women and has not retained the sacredness of the personal The new feminist rhetoric was beginning to sound like other versions of revolutionary fantasticism and revolutionary fantasticism has sparked some of the most heinous regimes in humankinds history Feminism lost sight of its original goals and fixated on romanticized images of women as powerless victims encouraged self pity and sought to gain strength in martyrdom Self determination is what women want but the myth of female moral superiority tell us that women cannot be actors in their own right Women are too pure to hoar negative feelings and too virtuous to make mistakes Agencyhaving some control over ones own lifeis confused with happy endings When things turn out well women are given full credit but when something goes wrong we are absolved of responsibilityFillion denounced feminists for attempting to achieve sexual liberation through the perpetuation of dangerous dichotomies and through the preservation of an age old sexual script that consequently the common language used to discuss sexuality in the public arena has been predicated on womens passivity and oppression P342 Feminism has become extremist selfobsessed and arrogant and intolerant
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