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March 31, Reading

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Social Science
SOSC 2435
Nishant Upadhyay

March 31 : Humour, Theory and Knowledge Question: How is humour used by Moni Mohsin to give a commentary on state of politics and current affairs in Pakistan? The misspelled words and her acronyms used in throughout her story create humour to the reader. Every one of her diary entries start with headings, firstly, a political one that affects her husband, her term for her husband and secondly, is more important to her own self. The Diary of a Social Butterfly is set up in modern day Pakistan. The story entitled The Diary of a Social Butterfly by Moni Mohsin is as the name predicts is about Butterfly Khan who lives in Lahore in a “big fat Kothi with a big fat garden in Gulberg and is all ‘sophisty’”; she lives with her spouse who she calls ‘Janoo’ and their son ‘Kulchoo’. She is the typical upper class society woman who loves party and lives her life to the fullest. Butterfly, the protagonist is simpleminded, shallow, and so full of herself; she is absorbed in her social life that she is totally cut off from reality. Her whole entire life revolves around parties, food, gossips, and her in-laws, the Old Bag and the Gruesome Twosome. The state of her country is brutal, the main concern to her is to be seen and heard at all-important social functions. The period covers a lot of turmoil in Pakistan including wars, militarization, the 9/11 incident, the President's US dilemma, earthquake, emergency rule, Benazir Bhutto's assassination and fundamentalist policies. The political crisis that happened throughout her lif
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