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Nishant Upadhyay

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Sri Lanka: Narrating Struggles The war between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan government is still ongoing although many people have come to the conclusion that it has ended in 2009. The Sri Lankan government forced a defeat for the independence struggle for the Tamil Tigers, also known as the LTTE. Sinthujan Varatharajah shares his story on how much his mother had struggled when she had left her motherland (Jaffna) and moved to Germany due to the “war and terror, fleeing racial pogroms, bombings, torture and assassinations.” He begins to tell readers about the struggles both his parents especially his mother had to face moving to Germany, empty-handed. In order for survival his mother had to do numerous amount of work, although she was underpaid and overworked. His mother was ashamed of the work she was doing, whenever her son was on the phone or someone from back home she put on a fake smile and stated everything was okay. When Varatharajahs’ family fled to Germany they pictured a different type of society but when they arrived they knew it was not going to be like they expected. They left Sri Lanka hoping for peace but arriving at Germany they still began to struggle.As Varatharajah states, “We continue to face crisis and we still long for peace of mind and socioeconomic security.” Many refugees face numerous struggles moving from their homeland to another country hoping for peace and a better lifestyl
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