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November 11- Introduction to Critical Social Work..docx

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Social Work
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SOWK 1011

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November 11 Introduction to Critical Social WorkIfe and Moreausocial work mustaddress the causes of disadvantage rather than only helping people to adapt adjust and make the best they can of their lives link between personal suffering and wider political and social structures or discourses p 5 overarching social structures such ascapitalism patriarchy and imperialism fundamentally shape institutional and interpersonal relationshipsconcerned about the common power imbalance between worker and clienta selfreflexive and critical stance towards the often contradictory effects of social work practice and social policiesa commitment to coparticipatory rather than authoritarian practice relationsThe client has significant knowledge and wisdom that the worker does not just as the worker has knowledge and wisdom that the client does notmust recognize how the institutional contexts of practice shapes activist possibilities and must allow recognition of the possibilities and constraints for critical practices within specific institutional contextsembodied actors who bring different capacities to the goal of transformation Without this sensitivity to differencewe can exclude forms of activism that differ from
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