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November 18- Introduction to Individual Theory.docx

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November 18 Introduction to Individual TheorySaleebey and ShebibEmpowerment The process of helping clients discover personal strengths and capacities so that they are able to take control of their lives Shebib 2007 p 193Contrasted with powerless which refers to being unable to direct the course of ones life due to societal conditions and power dynamics lack of skills or lack of faith that once can change ones life McWhirter 1991 p 224Selfdeterminationclients seen as experts Individual Level Empowerment5 empowering activitiesskills Motivating Confronting Clients Helping Clients Think Differently Goal Setting and Action PlanMotivating The extent to which clients are willing to involve themselves in the change process developingexecuting action plans based on measurableachievable goalsCritical thinking about behaviourchangeHigh motivation might be characterized asA willingness to engage in the work of counselling A commitment to devote energyresources to change process Capacity to sustain effort over timein the face of obstacles Sufficient selfesteem to sustain the courage to change Engaging clients to commit to changesupporting and energizing clients as they deal with the stresses of obstacles to change
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