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Chapter 5

September 30th- Chapter 5- Social Work as a Profession.docx

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Social Work
SOWK 1011
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Chapter 5 Social Work as a ProfessionIn 2004 80 of social workers were women YearNumber of Canadian Social Workers193110561961108541991611352004121800Social Work Association Pg 77Regulated by ten provincial associations and one territorial associationEach association is mandated by provincial legislation Individual social workers become registered through membership to regulatory bodyCanadian Association of Social Workers CASW brings all associations togetherEducation is monitored by the Canadian Association for Social Work Education CASWEThe Canadian Association of Social Workers CASW Pg 77Founded in 1926September 1 1926 the constitution for the Canadian Association of Social Workers was approvedOriginally there were 197 initial membersToday it is a federated organization with 16000 members across the countryCASW has some jurisdiction over some issues while the province has over othersThe Canadian Association for Social Work Education CASWE Pg 78Founded in 1967A national association of university faculties schools and departments offering professional education in social work Purpose is to advance the standards effectiveness and relevance of social work education and scholarshipResponsible for reviewing and approving social work education programs International Federation of Social Workers IFSW Pg 79Founded in Paris in 1928Represents over half a million social workers in 55 different countries
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