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Chapter 1

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Social Work
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SOWK 1011

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September 16th What is Social WorkChapter 1 pg 0213Social Work and the New Economy Pg 03A Good Time to Enter the ProfessionUnderlying objective of social work helping people help themselves Acknowledge the reality and act accordingly and appropriatelyMost likely be working in a bureaucracyRely on the strength and resilience of individualsDo not get discouragedKeep your sense of humourBe patient genuine openheartedRemember your profession is the noblest of allWhat is Social Welfare Pg 04Social welfare combines both Social Services childcare child protection womens shelters counseling ext and Income Security Employment insurance Social Assistance Old age security Workers compensation Social Services Personal or community services provided to help individuals and families improve their social wellbeingIncome Security Financial or Material assistance provided to increase the income or other resources of individuals and familiesSocial services and income security come together often as they may connect For example a man is an addict and because of that he loses his job and ends up being homelessThe Welfare StateThe welfare state is a system whereby the state undertakes to protect the health and wellbeing of its citizens especially those in social and financial needokey elements are the use of state power government bureaucracy the judiciary political parties to provide essential social services to citizens and the use of grants taxes pensionsand minimumincome programs such as social assistance and social insurance to provide basic income security income redistributionBasic Goal of Canadian Social Welfare System to help people through difficult times until they can rebuild their livesDifficulties that may arise for individuals are varied but can fall into these categories economic survival the integrity of the person and the survival of the familySocial Policies and Social ProgramsSocial Polices are the overall rules and regulations laws and other administrative directives that set the framework for state social welfare activity For example universal Medicare is a social policy to which the Government is committed
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