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Chapter 2

October 7th- Chapter 2-Income Security and Social Welfare.docx

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York University
Social Work
SOWK 1011

Chapter 2 Income Security and Social Welfare Pg 16 33The Emergence of Income SecurityIncome security programs provide monetary support to individuals or familiesThey are often called transfers because they transfer cash and other benefits from government programs to individuals and familiesThere are four types of Income securityThe Emergence of Income SecurityFour types of Income SecuritySocial Insurance Follows insurance principle of shared riskPeople contribute knowing not everyone will need itGenerally linked to employment all workers contribute and are therefore eligible for benefitsEmployment Insurance Workers Compensation CanadaQuebec Pension Plan The Emergence of Income SecurityMinimum IncomeProvide monetary assistance to those with no other source of incomeGeared towards those living in povertyQuantity of assistance determined by minimum amount necessary to meet basic needsSocial Assistance also called welfare or workfare DemograntsUniversal flatrate paymentsMade to individuals or households on the basis of demographic characteristics such asof children or ageOld Age Security Family AllowanceThe Emergence of Income SecurityIncome SupplementationSupplement income obtained elsewhereNot intended as primary source of incomeMay have a broad entitlementThe National Child Benefit Supplement and the Guaranteed Income SupplementPublic Income Security Programs
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