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Chapter 11

Chapter 11- Social Work and Aboriginal Peoples- February 10th.docx

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Social Work
SOWK 1011
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Chapter 11 Social Work and Aboriginal PeoplesWho Are the Aboriginal PeoplesThe Colonial LegacyAboriginal Social Work PracticeThe Indian ActHolistic HealingResidential School SystemIntegrating an Aboriginal ApproachGovernment Policy Objectives Urban Social Services for Aboriginal PeoplesIncome Security and Health CareTowards Aboriginal SelfGovernmentRoyal Commission on Aboriginal PeoplesGrassroots Aboriginal OrganizationsSocial Work and Aboriginal PeoplesWho Are the Aboriginal PeoplesAboriginal Peoples Collective term for original inhabitants of Canada includes First Nations Inuit and MtisThe First Nations Include culturally linguistically and geographically diverse groups of peoplesome examples are the Cree Dene and Mikmaq peoplesInuit Aboriginal peoples of Canada that have traditionally used and occupied and currently use and occupy the lands and waters ranging from the Yukon Northwest Territories and Nunavut to northern Quebec Nunavik and Labrador NunatsiavutMtis Refers to the descendants of the historic Mtisthose whose origin can be traced back to the Red River in the early 1800s Now located mainly in the prairies and the north they formed a language and culture which was a unique blend of First Nations and European cultures
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