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SOCI 1010
Vera Pavri

Chapter Terms: Chapters 1
- sociology, sociological imagination, private troubles, public issues, science, natural science, social science, theory, anomie, macro, micro, functionalist, interaction, personal sociology, applied sociology, clinical sociology, globalization Chapter 2
- concept, scientific method, operational definition (operationalization), hypothesis, variable, causal logic, independent variable, dependent variable, correlation, sample, random sample, validity, reliability, control variable, research design, methods, survey, questionnaire, experiment, secondary analysis, participant observation Chapters 3, 5
- culture, society, cultural universal, sociobiology, innovation, discovery, diffusion, material culture, nonmaterial culture, technology, culture lag, language, Sapir- Whorf hypothesis, nonverbal communication, value, norm, folkway, morê, law, formal norm, informal norm, sanction, dominant ideology, subculture, argot, counterculture, culture shock, ethnocentrism, cultural relativism, social structure, status, ascribed status, achieved status, master status, social role, role conflict, role strain, role exit, group, primary group, secondary group, in-group, out- group, reference group, coalition, social network, avatar, social institution, bureaucracy, ideal type, alienation, trained incapacity, goal displacement, Iron Law of Oligarchy, gemeinschaft, gesellschaft, mechanic solidarity, organic solidarity, hunting/gathering, horticulture, agrarian, industrial, post-industrial, post-modern Chapters 4, 5 - socialization, self, Looking-glass Self, I, me, significant other, symbol, role-taking, generalized other, dramaturgy, impression management, facework, cognitive theory of development, gender role, rite of passage, life course, anticipatory socialization, resocialization, total institution, degredation ceremony, midlife crisis, sandwich generation, gerontology, disengagement theory, activity theory, ageism, hospice care, social control, conformity, obedience, informal social control, formal social control, control theory, deviance, stigma, crime, index crimes, victimization survey, white-collar crime, victimless crime, organized crime, transnational crime, anomie, cultural transmission, differential association, social disorganization, labeling theory, societal-reaction approach, differential justice Chapters 10, 11
- stratification, achieved status, slavery, caste, estate system, class system, social mobility, open system, closed system, horizontal mobility, vertical mobility, intergenerational mobility, bourgeoisie, proletariat, class consciousness, false consciousness, class, status group, party, cultural capital, prestige, esteem, SES, income wealth, absolute poverty, relative poverty, underclass, life chances, digital divide, modernization, colonialism, neocoloniali
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