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SOCI 1010
Jeff Landry

NAME AP/SOCI 1010 – Professor Kenedy DATE Reading Response #13: Families 4. How are the issues of love and mate selection, marital satisfaction, as well as divorce related? What are the economic effects of divorce and how does divorce impact children? Also, what do Brym and Lie say about housework, childcare, and spousal abuse? Finally, what do they say about family diversity and family policy? In this reading, Brym and Lie bring up the idea of marriage and state that marriages used to be arranged by third parties and love was not the primary aspect one looked for before setting up these arranged marriages. One needed to learn to love while being forced to as arranged by relatives. These selections were based mainly on calculations intended to increase their families’prestige, economic benefits, and political advantages. Now, with ‘Love’being the most important aspect in marriage, it has been termed to be the essential basis for marriage. Brym and Lie suggest that there are three sets of social forces that influence whom one is likely to fall in love with and marry. The first being marriage resource, the second being third parties, and the third social force is the demographic and compositional factors which state that the probability of marrying inside your group increases with the group’s size and geographical concentration. Therefore mate selection is said to be far from random and that most select from similar racial/ethnic backgrounds, age, and social class. Marital satisfaction relates to mate selection in a way that because mate selection came to develop and depend more on romantic love in today’s world, marital satisfaction came to depend more on having happier marriages. One factor that helped develop and stabilize marital satisfaction was freedom, especially in terms of women’s autonomy. Birth control pills made it easier for women to delay childbirth, for example. In addition to the pills, women were able to decide the
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