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York University
SOCI 1010
Jeff Landry

NAMEAPSOCI 1010Professor KenedyDATEReading Response 7 Symbolic Interactionism and Structure4 What does Goffman say about expressive behavior impression management definition of the situation definition disruptions and defensive practices and how these processes contribute to the presentation of self How do these concepts apply to the films AvatarIn this reading Goffman expresses that when people behave altruistically or fairly they are interacting with others based on social norms they have learned They act justly and help people in need even if it costs a lot to do so This reading talks about take the role of the other which was said by Meadseeing yourself from the point of view of the people with whom you interact According to Mead we interpret other peoples words and nonverbal signals to understand how they see us and we adjust our behavior to fit their expectations about how we ought to behave This helps us learn norms and adopt roles and statuses From this Goffman developed the term dramaturgical analysis that was described a sort of play in which people present themselves so that they appear in the best possible light as actors Just like Shakespeares line from As You Like it All the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely playersGoffman states that people are constantly engaging in roleplaying where just as being in front stage in a public setting we have props set gestures and memorized lines which brings us to distinguishing between our public roles and our true selvesTherefore
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