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Bhavithra Saravanabhavan211943412Sociology 1010 January 14 2013Professor Kenedy Q4 Lecture 3 Discuss the points Brym makes in his article Sociology as a Life and Death Issue pertaining to higher education sociology and solidarityBrym tells his life story about his childhood memories about death In his article Sociology as a Life or Death Issue examines the when our death will approach Brym looks at the ways death can concur everyones life pertaining to higher education sociology and solidarity Higher education leads us to better life good job with earning are slim The game See Who Drops Dead the Best was invented by Brym and his friends when he was at the age of seven Brym descried the game as We would line ourselves up on a park bench and choose one boy to shoot the rest of us in turn using a tree branch as a machine gun Once shot we did our best to scream fall to the ground writhe convulse and expire The shooter would choose the most convincing victimthe boy who dropped dead the bestto play shooter in the next round This game shows
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