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Chapter 1

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SOCI 2510
David Ellis

Chapter 1 Sociological PerspectiveSociology the systematic study of human societySociological perspective the special point of view of sociology that sees general patterns of society in the lives of particular peopleour individual life experiences are shaped by the society in which we liveas well as by the general categories into which we fallwomen in poor countries have less schooling and fewer economic opportunities They are more likely to remain in the home and are less likely to use contraceptionDurkheim explained the differences in terms of social integration categories of people with strong social ties had low suicide rates and more individualistic categories of people had high suicide ratesfreedom weakens social ties and thereby increases the risk of suicidethe higher suicide rate among men is a result of their greater affluence and autonomy in Canadaeveryone feels like an outsider not being part of the dominant group from time to timePeople with the greatest privileges tend to see individuals as responsible for their own lives Those at the margins of society by contrast are quick to see how race class and gender can create disadvantagesGlobal perspective the study of the larger world and our societys place in ithighincome countries the nations with the highest overall standards of living Eg Canada USA Argentina Chile etcproduce most of the worlds goods and servicespeople who live there own most of the planets wealthpeople are very well off economically speaking as they were lucky to be born in a rich region of the worldmiddleincome countries the nations with a standard of living about average for the world as a whole Eg Eastern Europe most of Asia and central South America etcpeople are most likely to live in rural villages as in citieson average receive 6 to 8 years of schoolingmost middleincome countries also have considerable social inequality within their borders so that some are extremely rich N Africa vs S Africa many more lack safe housing and adequate nutritionlowincome countries the nations with a low standard of living in which most people are poor Eg Afghanistan Pakistan Nepal etcfew people are very richmajority struggle to get by with poor housing unsafe water too little food and little chance to improve their livesGlobal Stratification1Where we live shapes the lives we leadeg women living in rich and poor countries have different size families2Societies throughout the world are increasingly interconnectedeg email internet media trading
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