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Chapter 2

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York University
SOCI 2510
David Ellis

Chapter 2 Sociological InvestigationFoundationsPerspectivesand theoryInvestigation and methodsExamples of each should focus on each and have a clear understanding of eachlearning what is masculin and what is feminine Society has accepted different sanctions for meeting roles and expectationsseeing the general in the particular eg hand holding for sociolization for men to be protective to woment and women wanting the protectionit may mean something else being criticalpeople hold hands in all kinds of waysFamiliar and the strangeFamiliar we make decisionsStrange decisions are influenced by position ethnic gender religious regional etcCircumstances are such which did influence our decisionsAsking sociological questionscritical approach for what you hear is a good thing and having valid info which does repreasnt all the cases Selecting samples to get the result we wantConsider observations made and examples usedTheory is part of the perspectivesAnswers to how or why questions that can be imperically testedeg ethnicity 1income2 deliquency3 they are interrelated Number variables may changeThis is because they are associated with eachotherLook at how you collect and analyze your dataKnow where you get your info from eg Statistics CanadaEg Rape some woment report it and some dontbecause they dont want to be victimized againX4 x6 x9 for reported rape for the kind of data and how it was collected in the research you do Respect quality of data being collected to support in any theory or point of which in generalization occursGeneralization are not stereotypesGeneralization is done by sociologistsStereotypes are done by anyone in the society Theories1 Structural Functionalist everything works out to make it stable eg the human body Durkheim Merton Spencer2Conflict 1 Class Economy Marx Pantikh Coser Gramscc2Conflict 2 Feminists activists gender inequality work with larger groups
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