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Chapter 4

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David Ellis

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Chapter 4 SocietySocietyLenskiMarxDurkheimWeberfounders of sociologyfidings have to do with change and conflict stability change is the predominant focuswithin society there is a state who is responsible for obtaining material resources needed to govern in that societyeg state at federal level provincial level and municipal levelthey are regulating uscoersive power of the state maintain order and defend boundaries of societysociety is a social unitstate is a political unitstate is different from the societynations or ethnicities are withing the societytheorists are talking about societyhave different views about what brings changeLenskisociocultural evolutionand evolution eg hunters and gatherers and so on the significance of technology as technology changesknows the difference between the technological advances eg bow and arrow computers bombs etc all the advances can be traced back to the past of what was createdTECHNOLOGY as a source of evolutionary changeslow typedomesticating animals turning the wild into the tamedis not defined we dont know what it is animals once wild become domesticatedhow did we get the technologies themselves eg the computer the lasersneeds and creative ideas on how to make thingsideas can be moved from one society to another so the other societies can use themideas technologysociety evolution material surplusin which society is it greatestHe says agrarian societythe elites get most of the surplusleads to inequalitymen and womeneconomic inequalityelites controlled where things go and to whom it should go eg rich going to India and Bangladesh to support the poorin agrarian society inequality reaches its APEX MAXIMUM technologypush towards an egalitarian societyGOOD EMPHASIS ON TECHNOLOGY INCREASE IN MATERIAL SURPLUSsomebody got more the few and the others go less the majoritythe few elites control access to the resourcesnations fight for conquering boundaries as well
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