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Chapter 5

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SOCI 2510
David Ellis

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Chapter 5 Socializationsocialization life long process by which humans develop their human potential and learn patterns of culture necessariy to function in that societywithout socialization we would not be humansAnna brought up on her own without human contact for 6 years could not feel think or act as a human being at age sixHumanincursions elephants get in the way so they killed them when they killed them the animals that they killed were largely adult females and males the critical killing was the female adults because they usually socialized their kidsthus socialization is fundamental in societymale and femalebiological and anitomical differencesdifferences reproductive potential primary sex characteristicswide hips pubic hair uterus deeper voice secondary sex characteristicssex and gender are talked about dependentlyin sucide sex is retired from gender they work along with each othergender class ethinicity and intersections on how they influence behaviour they do not include sex its retired int he book and gender is focused on Sociolization ModelsPiagetCognitionStages of Cognitive Development 1Sensorimotor stage Infancy In this period which has 6 stages intelligence is demonstrated through motor activity without the use of symbols Knowledge of the world is limited but developing because its based on
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