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Chapter 6

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SOCI 2510
David Ellis

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Midterm ReviewChapter 6November 12 2009Social Interactionstable meaningful interaction by a minimum of atleast two personstakes place within societysociety has a structureincludes groups of institutions relating to eachother schools family law etcthe structure is madeup of statusroledefination of social interaction Socializationis structured by status and rolesgender roles and gender inequalityconstrain women more than men thus we have gender inequalitystatus position and roles performedStatus position All have a status and from there the prestige varies in any given statuseg Chef the prestige would be higher or lower class chefsStatus set postitions we hold at any given timestatuses can be ascribed at birth or achieved during lifeascribed eg sex ethnicityachieved eg athlete university studentin any given status its a combination of bothMaster Statusone that dominates your life dominates ALL other statusesintersection theory goes out the window for those who hold the master statusRACE is a master statusrole we perform themrole behaviour expected of a pers
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