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Chapter 10

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SOCI 2510
David Ellis

Chapter 10 Social StratificationTextbook Notesexamining social inequality in CanadaSocial stratification a system by which a society ranks categories of people in a hierarchy is based on four basic principles1 social stratification is a trait of society not simply a reflection of individual differences neither the poor or the rich created social stratification yet this system shapes the lives of us all2 social stratification carries over from generation to generation some individuals especially in highincome societies do experience social mobility a change in position within the social hierarchy3social stratification is universal but variable what is unequal and how unequal it is varies from one society to another4 social stratification involves not just inequality but beliefs as well it gives some people more than others and defines this as equalCaste and class systemscaste system social stratification based on ascription or birthpure caste system is closed because birth alone determines a persons entire future allowing little or no social mobility based on individual effortCaste systems are typical of agrarian societiesclass system social stratification based on both birth and individual achievementmeritocracy ref
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