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Cultural Sociology 3200 Professor Ratiba Hadj-Moussa TA: Ola Mohammed Sahira Daya Student Number: 212472775 November 15, 2012 Cultural Power and Power as Capital This weeks readings were very interesting and not as complicated as what we were given last week. The Perception of the Social World and Political Struggle is essentially about how actors see the world to make sense of how to act, by looking at the social construction of identity. One’s perspective is because of two things, which are objective and subjective. Objective means people see the world differently because they have a different space in the world. Subjective refers to the tools, language and struggles that influence the meaning of the way people live. Objects of the social world are perceived in different ways because they always have a certain ambiguity and the historical meaning of anything is dependent on the future. In addition, social change comes from struggles of power and things such as a symbolic capital, which is any capital when it is perceived by an agent to make distinctions. The symbolic order and power of naming is arranged along a dimension of intensity and legitimacy. The logic of naming is most clearly seen in titles which can be looked at through educational institutes. My question is, does the legitimacy of a naming process matter more than hard work? Would someone be more biased to choose an educator with a more comfortable name in their standards rather than a foreign sounding name? Why? Power as Capital was very interconnected with Pierre Bourdieu’s reading. Bourdieu differentiates himself from Marxism by saying that capital can be extended to all sorts of differen
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