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SOCI 3630- Social and Emotional Pedagogy

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SOCI 3630
Alireza Asgharzadeh

SOCI 3630 Gillies Social and Emotional PedagogyThe role of the school to teach both emotional and social skills while monitoring the wellbeing of pupils pg 3Following Enlightenment thinking emotions are seen as problematic because it hinders rationality pg 3The mind and the body should be separated when it comes to the classroom Feminists have criticized the mindbody split because it often marginalizes women from scholarship refer to Enlightenment thinking Rousseau pg 3oFollowing that are women socialized to not pursue higher achievement But what explains the trends in more women pursuing higher education It seems that in fact more women than men are now enrolled into postsecondary education need a sourceFeelings are distracting when brought into the classroom especially intensely strong ones pg 4SEAL helps to realize that social and emotional skills are key to emotional stability which helps students achievements as well as value and celebrate diversity pg 5What about boys managing of emotions Men are stereotyped to not show emotion or they ought not toStaffteachers also had trouble when emotionally charged and were encouraged to practice emotion management as well sometime it was difficult to do pg 8oWhat does this teach us about emotion management To prep students for future conflicts in wo
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