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SOCI 3810 Summary: Aboriginal Peoples and Criminalization

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SOCI 3810
Carmela Murdocca

rdMonday January 23 2012Aboriginal Peoples and CriminalizationthAs numerous white settlers migrated into indigenous land early in the 19 century the colonial government pursued policies that were designed to limit traditional Aboriginallifestyles and land use Indigenous people were deculturated as children were forciblyremoved from their families and put into residential schools to make them more civilized or Christian The white settler government further disabled Aboriginal people by using law as a tool to criminalize the Indians if they raise money or use band funds to bring any land claim disputes to court As well an amendment was made to the Indian Act that prohibited national political organizing of Indian people It was not until much later that these restrictions were removedThe instance of R v Gladue showcases stereotypes of Aboriginal womenas aggressive lazy and alcoholicperpetrated by the criminal justice system that had made it very difficult to use BWS as a defense And
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