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SOCI 3810
Carmela Murdocca

thMonday March 5 2012SOCI 3810THE NATIONAL SECURITY STATEAs Razack and Bell argue a state of exception comes into play as individuals who are deemed noncitizensbecause of their profilesare faced with national security issues After the incident of 911 the state found it justifiable as a preemptive strategy to criminalize Arab Muslim men because their identity marks them as individuals likely to commit terrorist acts Consequently once Arab men like Almrei are faced with the legal system his profile launches him into a state of exception combined with race thinking resulting in his limited due process rights as a political person He is no longer guaranteed the freedoms and rights of normal citizensOnce situated outside law we enter the historically terrifying world of colonies and the concentration camp Ideas of colonialism transmit into modern era as the profiles of Arab men are used as justification by the state to revoke their human rights In race thinking the reading points out that a relatively innocent category like colour becomes dangerous and politically defined characteristics like nationality becomes inheritable traits These examples indicate the belief that Northern people possessed an innate ability to selfgovern and were by nature more rational which reinstalls the idea of bloodlines depicting the inferiority as well as irrationality of the Othe
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