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SOCI 3810
Carmela Murdocca

thMonday March 12 2012SOCI 3810CRIME AND THE INTERNATIONALAs Cohen argues in the reading by Carrabine et al state agents are actually the violators of the legal rights of citizens As such it seems most obvious that human rights violations and state crimes go handinhand Criminologists have drawn connections between state crime and human rights as they have pointed out the states monopoly on the use of force are problematic For one militarypolice can legitimately use force where it is done so in the publics interest and sanctioned by the state Second the highly contested and ideologically constructed definition of what legitimate violence meansIn relation to violence torture is employed in aims of protecting the state However much of the use of violence and torture are blatant acts that infringe the rights of individuals Many have questioned the morality of torture and whether it serves any beneficial function at all As well the reading describes debates around the death pe
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