SOCI 2510 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Class Conflict, Protestantism, Mechanical And Organic Solidarity

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10 Apr 2012

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Chapter 4: Society
“founders of sociology”
fidings have to do with change and conflict stability - change is the predominant focus
within society, there is a state who is responsible for obtaining material resources needed to
govern in that society
e.g state at federal level, provincial level, and municipal level
they are regulating us
“coersive power of the state”- maintain order and defend boundaries of society
society is a social unit
state is a political unit
state is different from the society
nations or ethnicities are withing the society
theorists are talking about society – have different views about what brings change
Lenski – socio-cultural evolution and evolution e.g hunters and gatherers, and so on
the significance of technology - as technology changes
knows the difference between the technological advances. e.g bow and arrow, computers,
bombs etc - all the advances can be traced back to the past of what was created
TECHNOLOGY as a source of evolutionary change – slow type
domesticating animals (turning the wild into the tamed) – is not defined, we don't know what
it is - animals once wild, become domesticated
how did we get the technologies themselves? e.g the computer, the lasers
needs, and creative ideas on how to make things
ideas can be moved from one society to another so the other societies can use them
ideas ->technology->society = evolution
material surplus – in which society is it greatest? He says “agrarian society”
the elites get most of the surplus - leads to inequality
men and women – economic inequality
elites “controlled” where things go and to whom it should go e.g rich going to India and
Bangladesh to support the poor
in agrarian society, inequality reaches its APEX, MAXIMUM
technology & push towards an egalitarian society
somebody got more (the few) and the others go less (the majority)
the few elites control access to the resources
nations fight for conquering boundaries as well
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