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SOCI 4615 Chapter Notes - Chapter --: Enemy Alien, Institute For Operations Research And The Management Sciences, Medieval Commune

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Rehanna Siew

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13 January - Silence and Speaking
Theory: Sunera Thobani. (2003). “War and the politics of truth-making in Canada,” International
Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 16 (3), 399-414. Print.
-power relations are deeply imbricated in respective processes of truth making and the nature
of the social world
-must challenge the claimed truth of dominant elites — a struggle of oppressed people for self
determination (400)
-Case Study: Menchu Controversy —consequences women face for daring dispute the truth
claims of the dominant and powerful by articulating the experiences of the dominated
-Ms. Menchu charged with lying (stemming from western cultural assumptions and
standards used to discredit her personally and her testimony of the experience of oppression
of the mayan people in Guatemala )
-highlighting: how and when third world women can speak to dominant groups, how there
heard and strategies used to discredit them
-Cast Study: Thobani speech at women’s movement conference
-argued that women groups should oppose the Canadian governments support for military
action and to withdraw support for U.S. foreign policy & instead build solidarity with
Afghan women’s organization
-generated controversy by Canadian political and media elites
-materialist, antiracist and post colonial feminist theories to examine the racialized and
gendered politics of knowledge production and truth making in contemporary Canada through
an analysis of the public controversy following her speech (thesis) ***
-hist: following 9/11 people were consumed with consequences of foreign policy and
alternatives — gov responses to restructure societies and attempt to reassert american
dominance at the global level
-Media: truth claimed through dehistoricizing the attacks, close the public space for debate bye
refusing to discuss effects of U.S. Foreign policy & enable American innocence to be upheld
-reiterated the racialized discourse of who belongs to the canadian nation and has the right to
speak to it** (401)
-made Thobani an outsider, requests for her to be removed from teaching and go back to where
she came from (reaffirming the vulnerable and under surveillance status of third world
immigrants in canada)
-1) in order to legitimize the military aggression being undertaken by the United States against
Afghanistan, President Bush was invoking an American “nation” and its “enemy” in clearly
racialized civilizational terms
-members in political power talk in patriotic language and further emphasis the outsider vs
insider — enemy barbarian vs us [ similar to language of colonization] (402)
-President Bush made explicit this suggestion by repeatedly stating there were only two
choices facing the international community: “you” are either with “us” or with the
-2) racial profiling after 9/11 — those who look muslim were a threat to the nations security
-3) legitimization of the war on the mistreatment of women by the Taliban & only way to
liberate the women would to be to attack afghanistan — she argued argued that escalating
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