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York University
THEA 1010
Gwenyth Dobie

Here are the questions that we must explore and define in order to act, whether this is for a role in a monologue, scene, or play, or in an original performance piece: 1. Who am I? Character - a little word for a big concept. Consider the following (please note that this is by no means an exhaustive list of the possibilities): what is my background, origin, education, sociological influences; who are my loved ones and enemies, mentors, influences; what are my values, priorities, religious convictions, likes and dislikes, biases; what do I know of the world, others, myself???? Etc… My name is Cassandra Michelle Synergy and I am nineteen years young. I am a second year student studying sociology and political science at York University, and have to endure a painful commute to school almost daily, considering I reside in downtown Toronto. My interests include dance, shopping (living in the heart of downtown Toronto, it is an on going challenge for me not to spend my allowance), hanging out with friends and going to bars a little too often. I am an only child and live with my single mother, Kathy Synergy. My father, Derek left my mom when I was only two years old for another women, and his absence and actions have greatly effected by judgment and virtually every decision I have made to this day. My parents, Derek and Cathy are both Canadian born, English speaking residents. My grandma from my mother’s side is from Poland, and my grandparents from my father’s side are British, making me a European biscuit. Both my parents 2. What time is it? Literally – i.e. century, year, season, day, minute – but also, what is going on in the world around me as influenced (perhaps determined) by the time? For example – a person living in Toronto in 1940 would be
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