VISA 1900 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9-10: Urban Design, Wayfinding, Urban Area

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25 Aug 2016
Week 9: The Uses of Sidewalks: Safety
Jane Jacobs started writing about urban planning as a way to be a neighborhood activist
oMost popular was the life and death of urban cities
oCities are unique: not small towns or suburbs
oFull of strangers
oSafety of city depends on feeling safe on sidewalks (if they aren’t safe many other
problems are bound to occur)
oNeighborhood surveillance
o“Street Ballet”
oSidewalks + streets = vital organs of the city
oMinority areas not responsible for city’s danger
Key points on Safety:
oPublic Peace (police presence won’t make cities safer, just an artificial sense of
safety; instead, have residence’s eye on the streets)
oPublic space vs private space: should not ooze into each other like suburban areas
oEyes on the streets: people who live and work there should feel like they have a
sense of ownership with buildings’ windows facing the street
oBusy sidewalks: users on it continuously which mean more people watching; people
watching controls behavior
oArtificial safety won’t help! everyone must use streets more stores and public
attractions (playgrounds don’t help because they create an artificial haven)
Connection to Art:
o“A city sidewalk by itself means nothing. It’s an abstraction. It means only something
in conjunction with the buildings and other uses that border it...”
o“This movement is all composed of order and change, and although it is life, not art,
we may fancifully call it the art form of the city and liken it to dance...”
Week 9: Paved Impressions
Use of the square with sidewalks
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