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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Gathering Across the Board Business Rules - UML for the IT Business Analyst

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Dave Parsons

Gathering Across-the-Board Business Rules with Class Diagrams Structural Analysis Analyse the static, structural nature of business objects, are irrespective of time. Do not change dynamically. Eg. Maximum number of Committees that can handle a case. Structural model – abstract representation of what the system is. Output of this analysis can be shown with: - Class diagrams (main one) - Package diagrams - Composite structure diagrams - Object diagrams Entity Classes A category of business object that is tracked by the system. Represented in the structural model. The term entity is used as entity classes are tracked by the system whereas other classes are not. Have usual attributes, operations and methods. Eg. Product productId description applyDiscount() recieveToInvent() Supporting Class Documentation When collecting information on classes from the user, ask them for: - Class - Alias - Description - Examples - Sample attributes E.g. Class: Customer Alias: Client Description: Person or company that does business with us. Examples: Aaron Aaronson, Stan Plotnick Sample Attributes: Name, Mailing Address, Credit Rating Packages Classes can be grouped into packages if there are many classes. A package may contain other packages. Put all packages on a single diagram. Eg. Package Diagram Products and Services
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