AENV 130 Chapter 2-5: changelog

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Agricult. & Environment
AENV 130

v1.5 (public) Added CC 2015 apps Fixed x86 pattern Fixed Acrobat 9 pattern Removed non completebugged items (will be restored later) v1.4 (public, by users request) + Update app list (added Dreamweaver CC 2014.1, Acrobat 9) + Fixed Bridge CC patch + Fixed CC 2014 paths v1.3 (private) + Fixed HiDPI support (96120144 dpi) + Fixed PE check (v2) + Fixed patterns + Fixed dialog position v1.2 (public) + Update app list (more friendly). + Added missing app (Flash Builder 4.7 32bit). v1.1 (public) + Added new amtlib (2014) patterns. + Added Adobe CC2014 apps to list. + Changed Media Encoder patch (test features, possible bugs ; test : ok). v1.09 (private) + Added Lightroom 5.4 to list. v1.08 (private) + Fixed HiDPI list font. v1.07 (private) + ReWrited patcher code. + Fixed PE check. v1.06 (public) + Added SearchnReplace Engine (dUP). + Updated all patterns. + Added flash disassembler and builder. Removed banknote protection patch. Removed Photoshop (13.1.2) Windows XP Support patch. Removed AAM to UMT patch. v1.05 (private) + Fixed skined items. v1.04 (private) + Drawed Adobe skin (Beta). + Added AAM ( to UMT patch. + Added banknote protection patch. + Added Photoshop (13.1.2) Windows XP Support patch. v1.03 (private) + Added Patch another product with amtlib item to list. v1.02 (private) + Added Lightroom 3.x4.x apps to list. + Added Photoshop Elements v912 apps to list. v1.01 (private) + Added CS5.5 apps to list. v1.00 (private)
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