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Textbook Notes at Appalachian State University (APPSTATE)

APP STATERC 1000Theresa WaldspurgerFall

RC 1000 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Data Analysis

OC11005062 Page
26 Sep 2016
When you analyze something, you break it down into its component parts and think about those parts methodically in order to understand it in some way.
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APP STATECS 1100dkarzanWinter

CS 1100 Chapter 1-5: كتاب كيفية تعديل وتنظيف و تحسين الصور في الفوتوشوب

OC10406384 Page
19 Jul 2016
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APP STATECHE-1101PuckettFall

CHE-1101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Chemical Substance, Scientific Law, International System Of Units

OC9971586 Page
22 Aug 2016
Scientific method: process of gathering information and formulating explanations. Observations: a statement that accurately describes something we see,
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APP STATEPSY-1200Jamie YarbroughFall

PSY-1200 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Central Nervous System

OC11461583 Page
12 Sep 2016
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APP STATEPSY-2210Joseph DaltonSpring

PSY-2210 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Peripheral Nervous System, Central Nervous System, Social Integration

OC11285995 Page
30 Aug 2016
Ruth hamilton: was a teacher, one of america"s first female radio talk show hosts, opened up a dress shop, traveled. Growth occurs at every period of l
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APP STATEGLY-2250Andrew HeckertSpring

GLY 2250 Chapter 9: Geo NotesChapter 9 Continental Tectonics and Mountain Chains

OC11053474 Page
30 Jan 2017
Continent breaks apart valleys form new seaway forms b/w spreading land masses can begin to fracture continent and then fail (midcontinent rift system)
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APP STATEPSY 1100Wanda HoganFall

PSY 1100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 15: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum, Intellectual Disability

OC11285992 Page
29 Aug 2016
A mental disorder is defined as a syndrome. Syndrome- a set of related conditions of clinically significant disturbances of thoughts, feelings, or beha
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APP STATEAST-1001SitarFall

AST-1001 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: Van Allen Radiation Belt, Ammonium Hydrosulfide, Solar Wind

OC11001973 Page
17 Nov 2016
11-1 a travel guide to the outer solar system. Jupiter is the largest, over 11 times the diameter of earth. The oute(cid:396) (cid:862)jo(cid:448)ia(ci
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APP STATEPSY 1100Wanda HoganFall

PSY 1100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 12: Adrenal Gland, Allostasis, Hans Selye

OC11285994 Page
29 Aug 2016
Stress- refers to a wide variety of phenomena: occurs when a situation overwhelms a person perceived ability to meet the demands of that situation. Str
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APP STATECIS-3610Chien- Hung ChenFall

CIS-3610 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Modus Operandi, Organisation Climate, Work Breakdown Structure

OC11030455 Page
23 Aug 2016
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APP STATEPHO-2032Paul WithersFall

PHO-2032 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Preboot Execution Environment, Service Pack, Hard Disk Drive

OC3570422 Page
2 Dec 2014
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APP STATEAST-1001SitarFall

AST-1001 Chapter Notes - Chapter 12: Solar Wind, Meteor Crater, Kuiper Belt

OC11001974 Page
22 Nov 2016
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