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Child Development
CDE 232
Alicia Woodbury

Humans are about 99% identical, less than 1% differs, yet look how different we are Genotypes & Phenotypes • Genotype – an individual's genetic heritage, the actual genetic material ◦ Blueprint for POTENTIAL characteristics ▪ just a guideline, like a pool design ◦ by looking at DNA, identify gender, disease etc... ◦ environmental factors contribute. • Phenotype – the way an individual's genotype is expressed in observable & measurable characteristics ◦ Physical traits; psychological characteristics • For each genotype, a range of phenotypes can be expressed ◦ based on environment Reaction Range • The range of possible phenotypes for each genotype • Importance of an environment's restrictiveness or richness ◦ DNAgives you potential, then environment goes into control Interaction between Genes & Environment • Typically we think about how our environment influences the expression of our genes Environment → Genes ▪ Better nutrition can help us reach maximum height allowed by our genes • Genes also influence the types of environments to which they are exposed Genes → Environment • San
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