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Chapter 4

DSC101 Chapter 4

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Arizona State University
DSC 101
Jacques Giard

TheAge of Needs ◦ Place, People, and Process ‣ Nomads ‣ We are now self reliant. ‣ Physiological needs in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs ‣ First stone tools 3.4 milling years ago ◦ Tools ‣ First evidence of human adaptation: basic tools ‣ Salado People ofArizona who became the antecedent to many today's designed objects. ◦ The NorthAmerican Birch-Back Canoe ‣ Stone was essential to evolution of humanity ‣ Wood ‣ Algonquin and Ojibway tribes were clever in using locally found wood and talent is birch bark canoe. ‣ Canoe provided transportation over bodies of water of NorthAmerica. • Environmentally sustainable ‣ Origin is northeast of NorthAmerica ‣ Made from a large white birch tree page 64 ‣ Design is magical ‣ No one knows ego designed it ‣ Designer, maker, and user are the same person in this case ‣ Aluminum canoes are popular ◦ Structures ‣ Hunter gathers ‣ Alaska, Northern Canada, and Greenland have tent circles. ◦ The Cliff Dwellings of theAmerican Southwest ‣ Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado were where many of North American tribes existed ‣ 9000 BCE in Clovis, NM ◦ The White House at Canyon de Chelly ‣ Located inArizona ‣ Inhabited 5000 years ‣ First visitors wereAnasazi/ancient people in Navajo ‣ Between 200 BXE and 750 BC, visitors went from hunting and gathering to farming ‣ Basketmakers - Pueblo People between 750 BCE and 1300 CE ‣ Most magnificent of southwest cliff dwellings ◦ Tonto: Upper and Lower Cliff Dwellings ‣ Rio Sala
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