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Chapter 5

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DSC 101
Jacques Giard

• TheAge Of Surplus ◦ Place, People, and Process ‣ Pattern of change was much the same throughout the world ‣ Nomads; large communities; lack of political system ‣ Second chance that altered designing was the existence of surplus ‣ User existed as someone independent from designer/maker ‣ Pre-Roman civilization in Italy, Etruscan exhibited some of the earliest works associated with artisanship or craftsmanship. ‣ They created architecture & inspired Romans ‣ Established model for what would become role of designer/maker in Designing Triad & in society ‣ Most significant & pervasive formal element disposed by the Greeks was the architectural column • Three visually distinctive orders: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian ‣ Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) who exemplified qualities implicit in the renaissance.Artist, engineer, & Renaissance man. • His inventions aptly demonstrates breadth & depth of his imagination. ‣ An artisan of this period,Antonio Stradivari is a well known Designer and maker of Stradivarius violins. 1698 noticeable change in quality • The Independent Maker ◦ Designing was continuing to democratize society ◦ Designer/maker first begun inAgrarian age ‣ Separation of this was the first step ‣ Farming was discovered as profitable ‣ Three social divisions attributed Industrial Revolution 1. Division be
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