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Chapter 6

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DSC 101
Jacques Giard

TheAge of Self • Place, People, and Process ◦ Mud/sun-dried bricks ◦ Michaelangelo ◦ Da Vinci ◦ Bernini • The Photo-Modernist Era of Designing ◦ Art nouveau was considered the relation of form to the artifact, which to some extent foreshadowed Modernist movement that was soon to come. • The Early Modernist Era of Designing ◦ Catalyst responsible for dramatic directional change in fine arts was invention of photography in 1837 by Louis J. M. Daguerre, who is a French stage Designer and painter. ◦ Cubism thrived ◦ De Stijl or the Style was a Dutch art movement that began in 1917. ‣ Inspiration was Piet Mondrian ◦ Functionalism was the movement that most influenced design in the first half of the twentieth century. ‣ Acertain way of design thinking where one is closely associated with the concept "form follows function" as advocated byAmerican architect Louis Sullivan. ‣ Gained its first footing in Germany with Bauhaus/Deutscher Werkbund ◦ Adolf Loos (1870-1933) ‣ Seminal treatise on modern design and architecture, Ornament & Crime ‣ States that ornamentation is wasted effort and health.Also a waste of material and the two things together mean a waste of capital. ‣ Created Steiner House in Vienna was built in 1910 ‣ Demonstrates passion for useful form over useless decoration ‣ His house was a stark box with a fee judiciously placed windows. ◦ Viennese designers who considered design a visual language for modernity. ◦ 1907 German industrialists, businessmen, artists, and architects all joined together to form Deutscher Werkbund ‣ It's task was the "ennoblement of industrial labor through the collaboration of art, industry and crafts in education, propaganda, and a united approach to relevant questions". ‣ Expounded by founder Hermann Muthesius ‣ Technology & design also recognized opportunity for a Modernist vision. ‣ Their ideology by Ernst Schumacher in 1907: Danger of estrangement between accomplishing and inventing spirit. ◦ Bauhaus is an integration of a school of arts/crafts and an academy, a kind of marriage between the hands and the mind, or practice between the hands and the mind, or practice and theory ‣ Training in the practical portion of the curriculum ◦ Bauhaus was most influential school in architecture and design ◦ Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) brought anAmerican interpretation to the practice of architecture. ◦ Guggenheim Museum in NYC is the most imaginative solutions to a recurring architectural challenge. ◦ Two elements formed underlying basis ofAmerican design ‣ Pioneers of this new profession often came from a background other than engineering ‣ Profoundly influenced attitudes of the times was the role played by aircraft and in its wake air travel. ◦ The Modernist Era of Designing ‣ Several European andAsian countries normally associated with design were embroiled in mortal combat ‣ Asian tigers are more recent design performances ‣ Scandinavian Modern: Consists of Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Iceland. ‣ Nature, land, sea, forests all played a decisive role in the development of cultural makeup and of design history in the region. ‣ Volvo, IKEA, Saab positioned Swedish design at forefront of enlightened use and management of design within industry. ‣ Finnish companies: Nokia, littala, and Fiskar. ‣ Contemporary arts and craftsmanship that formed the foundation of modern Italian design ‣ C. D. Howe established the Committee for Reconstruction & reestablishment, asked Exhibition Commission to organize an exhibit of industrial discoveries from the National Research Council of Canada & it's efforts during the war. • Design for Use in Canadian Products published 1946 • Affiliation of Canadian Industrial Designers was formed. By 1947, the group had incorporated itself as theAssociation of
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