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Chapter 8

DSC101_ Chapter 8

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DSC 101
Jacques Giard

Where Do We Go Next? 3Ps: place, people, and process ◦ Place is No Longer Here ‣ Joe Schwarz - design & research Herman Miller; worked with George Nelson, Charles Eames, andAlexander Girard. ‣ Witnessed rise in popularity of Scandinavian Modern Furniture. ‣ Boeing 707 which is the first commercially successful passenger jet, for a significant development in popular taste. ‣ Telecommunication ‣ Designing, making, & using localized in Great Britain • Just like in USA. ‣ Housing construction, automotive, nike designers, ◦ Sustainable design pages 185-186 ‣ Cradle-to-grave ‣ Ecology ‣ Ecosystem ‣ Environmental impact ‣ Global warming ‣ Green design ‣ Life cycle analysis (LCA) ‣ Pollution ‣ Recycling ‣ Renewable resources ‣ Sustainability ◦ The Natural Step ‣ Society depletes earth's bounty at a rate that is faster than resources can be replenished. This is the case for oil, coal, and many metals. ‣ Rate or production of everyday things by society is greater than the rate that natural processes of the Earth can reclaim. ‣ Society is also using the Earth's resources at a rate is greater than the natural rate for replenishment. Not only are we are overharvesting, overfishing, and overmining, but we are also eliminating the potential for sustainability by overbuilding and overpaving. ◦ Natural Step advocates 4 practices ‣ Eliminate our contribution to systematic resources increases in concentrations of substances from earth's crust. Meaning substituting certain minerals that are scarce in nature with others that are more abundant, using all mined materials efficiently and systematically reducing dependence on fossil fuels. ‣ Eliminate our contribution to systematic increases in concentrations of substances produced by society. Meaning systematically substituting certain pers
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