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Chapter 9

Dsc101_ Chapter 9

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DSC 101
Jacques Giard

• Designing Journey ◦ Is Designing Same forAll Professions? ‣ Fine arts is part of the DNA ◦ Shared values in design ‣ Delta knowledge - a type of knowledge based on the notion on modeling what does not yet exist. This is what designers do a great deal of the time, imagine and model a new reality. ‣ Visual language - designers make a constant use of visual language as a form of communication. ‣ Aesthetic codes - historically many early designers were members of groups - such as the Deutscher Werkbund, the Futurists, or de Stijl that were established to create and promote specific aesthetic codes/standards, commonly called styles. Same phenomenon or some aspects of it continues today as Postmodernism ‣ self-expression ‣ Innovation ‣ Human context ‣ Environmental factors ‣ Economic impact ◦ Design's operational methods ‣ One-off versus mass production ‣ Mobile/immobile ‣ Dimensional tolerance ‣ Artifact life
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