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Chapter 3

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HST 101
James Miller

Chapter 3 The Mediterranean and Middle East 2000500 BCEWhat happened to Egypt and Mesopotamia during this time The Cosmopolitan Middle East 17001100 BCEperiodDuring this time period Mesopotamia and Egypt were taken over Eventually the people that took these places over were either ejected or assimilated and the old rule was reestablished These two areas controlled smaller groups and sometimes fought others for resources or access to Why is the late Bronze Age a time of cultural growthtrade The late Bronze Age was a time of cultural growth through increased connections between societies The upper class got better lives and the lower class might felt some improvements Who were the Assyrians Babylonians and HittitesWestern AsiaMesopotamia was split between Babylonia in the south and Assyria the north Babylonia was started by Hamurabi but was eventually taken over by the Kassite who kept their name and focused on protecting trade routesAssyrians were more ambition then the Babylonians they took over trade routes in Anatolia These trade routes helped Assyrians push for conquest and expansion of their economic interests Another big player in Mesopotamia was the Hittites who controlled a lot of trade and were able to make iron which they guarded by not telling others What was Akkadianhow to make it Old Mesopotamian culture spread throughout western Asia and a new writing style was constructed Akkadian These new states wanted to take Explain what happened in Egypt during this time include over more land then old statesinfo on the HyksosNew Kingdom EgyptThe Middle Kingdom in Egypt fell when the outside areas got more independence and more new people moved into the capital creating a break down of central power The Hyksos eventually took overLittle is known about the Hyksos take over of Egypt some think it was similar to the Kassites took over Mesopotamia They move in as a minority assimilated aspect of Egyptian culture and eventually gained power over the areas However unlike Mesopotamia Egyptian always saw them as outsiders How did Egypt change after the Hyksos were kicked outEventually Kamose and Ahmose retook control of Egypt for the native people setting up the New Kingdom from 15321070 BCEEgypt changed its ways after the Hyksos and became an expansionist state taking over parts of Nubia and pushing their culture on them while also setting up security stations in Israel and Palestine area where they worked What did Hatshepsut dowith local rulers who would collaborateWith increased access to trade Egypt got exposed to more products and cultures There was one female ruler of Egypt at this time Hatshepsut She created a What did Akhenaten dotrade connection between Egypt and the Punt South East Africa to cut out a middleman After her death her stuff was defaced because she was a female ruler The ruler Akhenaten came to power and said that his god Aten was the only god in Egypt Some say Akhenaten created monotheism but in reality it was probable just a way to take power from the priest and give it back to the king He created What did Remesses doa new capital and a new style of art for Egypt None of Akhenatons reforms lasted and when the boy king Tutankhamun comes about all the stuff is back to the old way Old capital and Old religion Ramesses will eventual come to power and rule for 60 years He put Egypts How did horses change this areafocus back on conquest which Akhenaton had stopped and constructed lots of monuments for himself and his 100 sons Commerce and CommunicationEgypt fought a war with the Hittites over the trade in the Middle East No one won so they signed a treaty over the Syria Palestine land which was a major trade location
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