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Lab 7 Collisions in two directions

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PHY 122

Lab 7: Collisions in 2 Dimensions By: T.A: Monday at 2:00 p.m Abstract: The objective of this experiment was to determine if momentum and energy would be conserved in an elastic and inelastic collision in two dimensions. Two pucks were placed on a table and one puck was given an initial velocity to collide with the other stationary puck. In the first trial the pucks were free to move after the collision and for the second trial the pucks stuck together with Velcro. Logger Pro was used to analyze video recorded of the two collisions and to collect data of the two pucks before and after the collisions. The results from the inelastic collision verify that the total loss of kinetic energy was higher than the elastic collision and that the total momentum of the system was conserved as less than 10% of the total momentum was lost. For the elastic collision the total amount of kinetic energy lost was less than 20% so the total kinetic energy was determined to be conserved. There was an increase in the total momentum of the system which was not expected. Although there was no loss in momentum further trials of this experiment should be conducted to verify that the momentum was conserved. Objective: The objective of this lab is to determine whether or not energy and momentum are conserved in both elastic and inelastic collisions in two dimensions. Equipment: The equipment used in this lab was an air table with two pucks and velcro, a video camera, and Logger Pro software. Procedure: Two different collisions were examined in this lab. In the first type, nearly-elastic, each puck was free to bounce off the other disk so that they go separate ways after collision. In the other type, completely inelastic, each puck had velcro wrapped around it so that after collision the two pucks stuck together. Each collision began with one puck in motion, and one puck at rest. The video camera was used to record video of both of the collisions. Logger Pro was used to collect data from the videos. Results: Momentum Momentu Kinetic Kineti Fractional Fractional Before m After Energy c Change in Change (kg*m/s) (kg*m/s) Before Energy Momentum in Energy (J) After (J) Elastic .0379 .0466 .0156 .0126 22.95% -19.23% Inelastic .0234 .0218 .0055 .00417 -6.83% -24.18% Discussion During the trial for the elastic collision there seemed to be some error in recording of the data. The total amount of momentum after the collision was greater than the total amount of momentum before despite no additional forces acting on the object after the collision. This part of the experiment should be conducted again to check for accuracy. For the total change in kinetic energy for the elastic collision this result matched with what was anticipated. Since the pucks were free to bou
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