FCFC 250 Chapter 13: Family Life, Partnering, and Remarriage after Divorce

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FCFC 250
Kyra Conatser

Family Life, Partnering, and Remarriage after Divorce • Ten years after the breakup of a marriage about half of women and 1/3 of men are still feeling anger toward their ex-spouse • Overall people who tend to remarry tend to be happier • Over the long run divorce often draws parents and their children closer together • Nearly 1/3 of custodial mothers receive some sort of public assistance o Poverty and food insecurity are problems many single mothers may face • About 83% of custodial parents are mothers o Having a custodial father is growing o 1 in 6 now 1 in 10 a decade ago • Re-partnering o The act of entering a relationship after a divorce, which may lead to cohabitation or marriage o One of the most important factors in improving life satisfaction • Know at least one person who has dated someone they met online o 42% of adults ages 50 – 64 o 24% of adults age 64+ • 21% of all currently married men and women have been married at least twice • Why do men and women date differently o Men tend to have more experience initiating contacts o There is a double standard of aging ▪ The view that women’s attractiveness and femininity decline with age, but men’s attractiveness and masculinity does not o The pool of eligible partners is larger for men than it is for women because of cultural norms o Women are more likely to have children living with them • Different reasons have been offered for an increased feeling of autonomy, power, and equity in a remarried couple: o Women have greater levels of financial resources in their second marriage than in their first o Women seek more power because of specific experiences in their previous marriages o Women concede more during marital conflicts than they did in their first marriages o Remarried men and women have expanded their ideas about their roles in marriage • Satisfaction and Stability of Remarriages o Individuals may fail to make a real commitment to remarry o The couple may fa
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