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Chapter 6

MIS 3305 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Data Element, Uptodate, Data Governance

Management Information Systems
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MIS 3305

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Chapter 6
Information granularity refers to the extent of detail within the information
(fine and detailed or coarse and abstract).
Information integrity issues occur when a system produces incorrect,
inconsistent, or duplicate data.
Transactional information: encompasses all of the information contained
within a single business process or unit of work, and its primary purpose is
to support daily operational tasks.
Analytical information: encompasses all organizational information, and its
primary purpose is to support the performing of managerial analysis tasks.
Transactional information includes sales receipts, packing slips, and airline
Analytical information includes product statistics, market projections, future
growth and trends, and sales projections.
Transactional data encompasses al raw facts contained within a single
process and its purpose is to support daily operational tasks.
Real-time information is immediate, up-to-date information.
Analytical information compasses all organizational information, and its
primary purpose is to support the performance of managerial analysis or
semi-structured decisions.
Data governance refers to the overall management of the availability,
usability, integrity, and security of company data.
Four primary traits of the value of information: information quality, type,
governance, and timeliness.
Accurate: Is there an incorrect value in the information?
Complete: Is a value missing from the information?
Consistent: Is aggregate or summary information in agreement with detailed
Timely: Is the information current with respect to business needs?
Unique: Is each transaction and event represented only once in the
Real-time systems provide real-time information in response to requests.
Information inconsistency occurs when the same data element has different
Information is everywhere in an organization. Managers in sales, marketing,
HR, and management need information to run their departments and make
daily decisions. When addressing a significant business issue, employees
must be able to obtain and analyze all the relevant information s they can
make the best decision possible.
Information levels: individual, department, enterprise
Information formats: documents, presentations, spreadsheets, database
Information granularities: Detail, summary, aggregate
Four primary reasons low-quality information occurs in a system: data-entry
personnel enter abbreviated information to save time, third-party and
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