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Chapter 9

MIS 3305 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Fuzzy Logic, Massively Parallel (Computing), Mutation

Management Information Systems
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MIS 3305

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Chapter 9
A shopping bot is software that will search several retailer websites and
provide a comparison of each retailer’s offerings including price and
What-if analysis checks the impact of a change in a variable or assumption on
the model.
Three characteristics of online transactional processing: stores the
information, updates existing information to reflect the new information, and
processes the information according to defined business rules.
Steps in the decision-making process: Problem Identification, Data Collection,
Solution Generation, Solution Test, Solution Selection, Solution
Goal-seeking analysis finds the inputs necessary to achieve a goal such as a
desired level of output.
Semi-structured decisions occur in situations in which a few established
processes help to evaluate potential solutions, but not enough to lead to a
definite recommended decision.
At the strategic level, managers develop overall business strategies, goals,
and objectives as part of the company’s strategic plan.
The intelligent agent is a special-purpose knowledge-based information
system that accomplishes specific tasks on behalf of its users.
Expert Systems: playing chess
Neural Network: credit card companies checking for fraud
Genetic Algorithm: investment companies in trading decisions
Intelligent Agents: environmental scanning and competitive intelligence
Virtual Reality: working virtually around the globe
Problem Identification: define the problem as clearly and precisely as
Data Collection: Gather problem-related data, including who, what, where,
when, why, and how. Be sure to gather facts, not rumors or opinions about
the problem.
Solution Generation: Detail every solution possible, including ideas that seem
Solution Test: Evaluate solutions in terms of feasibility, suitability, and
Solution Selection: Select the solution that best solves the problem and meets
the needs of the business.
Solution Implementation: If the solution solves the problem, then the
decisions made were correct. If not, then the decisions were incorrect and
the process begins again.
Artificial intelligence stimulates human thinking and behavior, such as the
ability to reason and learn.
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