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Chapter 22

MIS 3305 Chapter Notes - Chapter 22: Business Process Reengineering, Business Process Modeling, Business Process Management

Management Information Systems
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MIS 3305

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Chapter 22
Continuous Process Improvement Model attempts to
understand and measure the current process and make
performance improvements accordingly
Business process management systems focus on
evaluating and improving processes that include both
person0to-person workflow and system-to- system
To-Be process models show the results of applying
change improvement opportunities to the current process
Three key steps involved in business process
improvement: measure what matters to most customers,
monitor the performance of key business processes, and
assign accountability for process improvement.
Business process modeling is the activity of creating a
detailed flowchart or process map of a work process that
shows its inputs, tasks, and activities in a structured
As-Is process models represent the current state of the
operation that has been mapped, without any specific
improvements or changes to existing processes.
Business process management tools are used to create an
application that is helpful in designing business process
models and also helpful in simulating, optimizing,
monitoring, and maintaining various processes that occur
within an organization.
A business process model is a graphic description of a
process, showing the sequence of process tasks, which is
developed for a specific purpose and from a selected
Business process reengineering is the analysis and
redesign of workflow within and between enterprises.
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