MGMT1021 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Emotional Labor, Emotional Contagion, Lifelong Learning

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17 Oct 2016
Topic 2: Individual Characteristics (p32-41)
Introduction to Individual Characteristics
The impact of personal characteristics on what people think, feel, and do is the study of
individual difference
Focusing on physical differences supplies only a limited and often biased view of
Competencies: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for performing different jobs, functions,
or tasks
Individuals differ in skills and in how they experience and express emotions
Show performance differences
Critical thinking / problem solving
Creativity / innovation
Teamwork / collaboration
Written communications
Lifelong learning pursuit / self direction
Information technology application
Ethics / social responsibility
English language (spoken)
Writing in English (grammar, spelling, etc)
Developing Competencies
Organizations use systematic programs to assure that individuals working are
equipped with the right competencies
Match / hire employees to match specific job requirements
Continue to assess individual performance
Also provide training and guided experiences
Competency Models
Offers a comprehensive way to identify the groups of competencies associated
with organizational performance and involves clusters of competencies
Identify certain individuals who fit a certain profile or to identify skills needed by
employees within the organization
Organization-wide - competencies for employees across positions and
levels of organization
Function-based - competencies that apply to a single business function
within the organization
Role-based - competencies for a specific role and include behavioral
Job-based - developed for a specific job
Emotions in the Workplace
Emotions- strong feelings with a short duration, viewed as irrelevant or
disruptive to smooth organizational functioning
Play into both a positive and negative role
Result from mood which is broader and lasts longer
Emotional contagion- capacity for emotions, mood, and affect spread in a
Originate from home, school, work, and social situations
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