MGMT1021 Chapter 16-17: Session 16-17

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Session 16: Group Process Decision Making
- Do you still remember: Suntae hired to teach at BC. He’s purely intrinsically motivated,
not extrinsically. Given info he’s motivated b/c: A: Finds pleasure from intellectual
interactions w/ students
- People become submissive when in groups
- Understand conditions for self-limiting behavior - NEED THIS INFO
- Groupthink - norm for consensus overrides realistic appraisal of alternative courses of
- Strategies to avoid groupthink/have a good fight (there are 6)
- Base discussion on current, factual info
- Develop multiple alternatives
- Rally around common goals
- Inject humor to decision making process
- Maintain a balanced power structure
- Resolve issues w/o forcing consensus
- Rediscovery of the value of individual work
- Introverts find individual work more comfortable/become more creative
- Privacy/lack of interruption makes people productive
Session 17: Group Process - Diversity
- Diversity - the degree to which a work group/org is heterogenous w/ respect to personal
and functional attributes; the presence of differences among a social unit
- Types of diversity
- Surface-level - generally immutable, immediately observable (ex. Race, gender)
- Deep-level - ex. Attitudes, knowledge, value, skills
- Why diversity matters
- 1) New normal 2) Access diverse customers/talent 3) Makes us smarter
- People want to work in an environment where they see people similar to
themselves, feel confident they won’t be marginalized/excluded
- Diversity allows companies to understand unique, varied customer needs,
access customers who can’t be reached thru traditional channels, communicate
effectively to varied people
- Makes us smarter: increased cognitive action, juries make fewer errors; firm
performance higher w/ female top mgmt representation; diversity encourages
expression of dissenting opinions
find more resources at
find more resources at
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