MGMT1021 Chapter Notes - Chapter 15: Motivation, Job Design

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Session 15: Motivating thru Job Design
- McClelland’s 3-Needs Theory
- Need for achievement - the drive to excel, to succeed
- Need for power - make others behave in a way they otherwise wouldn’t have
- Need for affiliation - desire for close interpersonal/friendly relationships
- Pros: focuses on workplace-relevant needs, differing need strengths introduced
- Cons: Simplistic association b/w certain “types” and job success (ex. High nPow
= leaders, nAch = sales)
- Goal-setting theory
- Intentions, and the process of achieving those intentions, motivate us
- Intentions must be specific, measurable, and challenging
- Goals must be well understood
- Assumes intentions rather than basic needs fuel motivation
- Pros: applicable to business, empirical support, can be used by managers
- Cons: goal conflict---ethical dilemma, doesn’t work for highly complex tasks
- Flow - holistic sensation present when total involvement is felt
- Self-determination theory
- Motivation can be considered a continuum b/w extrinsic and intrinsic motivation
- Extrinsic: feel behavior is controlled by outside forces like rewards/punishments
- Money/tenure, demonstrate ability, provide for family (ex from Kim)
- Intrinsic: desire to act based on interest/enjoyment in the work or the behavior
itself (driven by autonomy, competence, relatedness)
- Enjoyment in task of lecturing, curiosity in research (ex from Kim)
- Job design
- Structuring work to foster high performance motivation/satisfaction at work
- Job Characteristic Model
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