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PHIL 1070

Samantha Service Mill Reading Questions 1. Mills argues that people are infallible when they refuse to listen to an opinion they believe to be false. When people are acting infallible, they are being stubborn and ignorant to the opinions of others. Mills observes that in debates, people often believe their own opinion to be wholly true and fail to consider that others’opinions may be true as well. By thinking their opinion is the only true answer and refusing to listen to others, they are depriving themselves of wisdom. In his conclusion, Mills states “to call any proposition certain…is to assume that we ourselves…are the judges of certainty and judges without hearing the other side” (5). This quote sums up his belief that people act infallible. When we decide the certainty of a proposition without considering the other sides of an argument, we are not truly understanding the proposition. 2. In this quote, Mills is saying that as humans, we have the freedom to speak our minds. This freedom includes contradicting our own and others’opinions. However, it is detrimental to finding truthful opinions. Since we have the freedom to disprove others opinions, this gives us more assurance in the truthfulness of our own opinions. We are so confident in our own opinions that we
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